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Illegal brands was created to provide great health benefits to our already health-driven restaurant concepts. Illegal Brands was born on quality, value and integrity. The same quality, value and integrity that goes into all of our restaurants and CBD products. We are driven to share all the benefits that Illegal Brands has to offer to all our valued customers. We want to bring great significance to your health journey, and to a superior quality of life.

Illegal Brands Start

First came the blackouts-then came the seizures.After a series of test and visits to the doctror, I was diagnoised with MS, at the age of 18. The year? 2008. I had no idea what my life was going to look like from there on out. I was scared, I felt alone plugged up with ports and shots. It started with solymedral (a steroid) then moved to Beta-Seron type B. The MS society helped to set me up with a nurse, but I was primarily handling treatments on my own. Initially, I didnt take the time to educate my self on MS and the side effects of the medication i was on, I just followed doctor's orders - but I wasnt getting any better, only worse.

More Medication

As the summer months approached and my shots continued, So did my flare ups. My hands and feet started to become numb, Then my vision went out-while I was driving. I was terrified- and the darkeness lasted four days. Back to the doctors I went; this time, for more prescriptions. Predisone (more steroids) and oxycodone for the spasms and pain.My weight shot up due to the increase in steroid use and I, like so many others in the world, became addicted to opioids.I was exhausted, overweight, hating the way i looked, hating the way i felt- and continued to get worse by the day. I was helpless, and I had no idea what to do next, but i knew the path I was on needed to  come to an end.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

After two years of worsening pain, I started to really pay attention to the effects cannabis and CBD were having in the world. It was now 2010. The doctor's protocol clealy wasn't working, and it was time I take matters into my own hands. I began small doses of cannabis paired with larger doses of CBD, weening myself off my doctor-prescribed meds. Three months in, the doctor had me come in for a follow-up MRI. Six months prior, there were lysins and spots on my brain but when i went on that day, they were gone. I decided to commit to my CBD- usage and slowly but surely, started to get my life back. Today I remain medication-free,episode free and using CBD daily.

Father and Son Story about MS, CBD and Good Hamburgers, Kitchen Toke

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